Residents Barangay Information System

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9th National Convention on Statistics (NCS)
EDSA Shangri-La Hotel
October 4-5, 2004
Rosalinda C. Celeste, D.M.
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Author’s name: Rosalinda C. Celeste, D.M.
Designation: Provincial Statistical Officer
Agency: National Statistics Office
Address: Lanao del Norte
Telefax: (063) 221-3275
Establishment of a Barangay Database Information System
in Region 10
Rosalinda C. Celeste, D.M.1
In recent years, both the national and local government planners focused their development plans across sectors to maximize the use of resources. Thus, the need for small-area statistics also rises as data input for planning and project identification. Despite the increasing demand however, little has been done in the generation of information and the audacity in planning is lessened because of the scarcity and limitation of data.

This paper aims to improve sectoral planning and policy formulation at local level through the Establishment of a Barangay Database Information System specifically in Region 10. Aside from systems development, the project will also include data generation using household level data and the use of information from the Assessment and Monitoring Reports of the in-line agencies in the Region.

As one steps into the portals of another age, a new demand for new level of information arises. Planners and policy makers in the government and the private sector including the academe and research institutions rely heavily on the information available. The shift in the demand for national and regional-based statistics to small-area statistics grows with time as projects are more focused on countryside development and across sectors.

In recent years, local government planners focused their development plans across sectors in the community to maximize the use of resources. Thus, the need for detailed small-area statistics also rises as data input for situational analysis, planning and project identification to meet the need of families requiring priority action and attention.

Several attempts had already been done to generate information at the local level to address the need for sectoral development since the Local Government Code was implemented way back in 1991. Due to budgetary constraints however, statistical agencies limited the generation of information at the national and regional level and estimates for variables or indicators needed are often assumed to be the same at the provincial or municipal level. Despite the fact that the National Statistics Office produces barangay based information, it is restricted to population data. 1 Provincial Statistics Officer, National Statistics Office, Lanao del Norte. Initiatives have been made by other statistical agencies such as the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), the Local Government Units (LGUs) and other Non-Government Organizations to further the production of small area statistics but no database was maintained at the barangay level.

In 1997, the Community-Based Information System (CBIS) project was implemented as one of the components of the Social Reform Agenda of then President Ramos using the Minimum Basic Needs (MBN) Approach. All MBN activities and directions were based on the information generated from the CBIS. The installation of the CBIS in Barangays was a dynamic process and required human resources to undertake the project and to sustain it through regular updating. The information serves as the tool to enable the development actors to converge their resources and to focus on priority projects to address the immediate need of the local constituents after the problems were identified. Sustaining the project however, without the financial back-up and constant monitoring from the implementing agencies was a more greater task for many barangays. The...
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