Society Has Now Entered a New, Postmodern Age, and We Need New Theories to Understand It (33 Marks)

Topics: Postmodernism, Sociology, Postmodernity Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Society has now entered a new, postmodern age, and we need new theories to understand it (33 marks)

In this essay I plan on explaining the reason for why we do and why we don’t need new sociological theories in postmodern society. Postmodern society is rich in choice, freedom and diversity, this has caused society to fragment and this has led to secularisation. Postmodernity has caused things such as globalisation. Globalisation refers to the growing interconnectedness of societies. As we are now living in a postmodern society many sociologists believe that we need new theories as traditional theories such as Functionalism and Marxism are outdated and are deemed irrelevant to many sociologists. Functionalism and Marxism are often described as ‘modernist’ as they explain the findings of modern society, where it follows the industrialisation of the western world. Postmodernists reject the views of the modernist theorists as they claim that they are metanarratives. They believe that sociology needs to develop new theories so we can fully understand postmodern society. Postmodernity has brought changes from modernity these changes include freedom and choice. There is also less focus on science, postmodernists reject scientific research methods in their research. Although postmodernists are criticised for being subjective, as they gain meanings. Postmodernists also believe that the truth is relative and a social construction, they are also more political than modernists. Society has changed through the increase in globalisation. Globalisation has created more opportunities for crime to be committed. The dramatic advances in technology has made many different crimes available, this includes fraud. Technology has led postmodernity changing, it has caused changes in the economy as corporate crime is now easier to commit. Postmodernity has also brought political changes and diversity has caused changes in culture and identity. Postmodernity has entered...
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