Inventory System

Topics: Quezon City, Computing, AMA Computer University Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: June 8, 2012
Project 8, Quezon City
College of Computer Studies


School Year: 1st Trimester 2012 – 2013
Subject Code: CSCI80IT – ZD
Schedule: Wednesday (10:00 – 1:00 pm) BA402

Thesis A Professor: Prof. Liane Janele G. Sibal

Name of Proponents : Lumido, Catherine A.Student No.: QC09500272
: Valera, Jaymee Pie E. : QC09500318

Inventory System
The study is focused to look for a drugstore that conducts manual recording and counting of their supplies. This is to provide them a system that can make their transactions faster and reliable. The system will cover the transactions between owners, the recording of the records in the database and the computation that will provide accurate cost of dealings. 3.0 REASON OF CHOICE

The proponents chose a pharmacy that uses manual counting and recording of their supplies to present them the benefits of using technology. This is to provide them a system that will help in serving customers in a much faster and efficient way. 4.0 IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY

The system will provide the owner and the employees faster recoding of transactions and counting of their supplies. It will also offer a much efficient and reliable system that can record their transactions digitally. Since they are using manual recording, the said system will of great help to them. In business transaction, time is very important, having the traditional way of computing and recording would take time, and the purpose of this system is to lessen this time and spend it in much more important matters. 5.0 TARGET USERS/BENEFICIARIES

The researchers target a proprietorship-owned drugstore that uses manual recordings of their supplies. 6.0 Similarities of the Study
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