Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

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Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
Literature Review

11 April 2013
Professor J. Losche

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Both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation help to fit psychological values and beliefs of an individual. Intrinsic motivation comes from the inside of an individual, such as the drive to do something. Extrinsic motivation comes from the outside factors, such as doing something for a reward. There are mixed emotions on whether or not people think intrinsic motivation is better than extrinsic motivation. I personally believe that more people in this world have extrinsic motivation, rather than intrinsic motivation. Intrinsically motivated students are bound to succeed at a much better rate than someone with extrinsic motivation because they are willing and determined to acquire new material. Intrinsically motivated students go above and beyond the actual subject or activity to gain better understandings of it whereas extrinsically motivated students have to be bribed with an award of some sort.

Intrinsic motivation is a motivation that drives a person by enjoyment in a certain task. It is motivation that is within an individual rather than counting on the receipt of a reward at the end. People who are intrinsically motivated are more prone to willingly act on a task rather that feel pressure to do a task. Say for example, Sally was given the topic of Melanoma to write her biology paper on. Instead of only worrying about achieving a good grade on the paper, she would rather master the topic and have a better understanding of it. Intrinsic motivation is not solely based on outside rewards, such as cash, a prize, or trophy. This type of motivation simply comes from the gratification of the task itself rather than the feeling of it being a drag or a chore. People who are intrinsically motivated do not look at getting a good grade as full satisfaction for any...
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