Interviewing a Criminal Justice Professional

Topics: Police, Sheriff, Crime Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Leslie Williams
Eight Skills of the Effective Criminal Justice Student/CJ100-02


Deputy Karen J. Miller

For the past twenty-four years, Deputy Karen J. Miller has work for the Harris County Sherriff’s Department. She worked on the beat for her first six months, than the rest of her career years at the Harris County Sherriff’s Community Store Front. The store front is a place where the deputies provide a safe environment for those who live, work or commute within the precincts. For the last three years, Deputy Miller’s job title has been “Media Liaison” officer. The role of a police liaison officer is to promote trust and understanding by assisting the community, police and media through the process of reducing and preventing crimes and maintaining community partnerships. She also strives to divert people from entering the criminal justice system. Deputy Miller is responsible for making consistent, periodic contact with assigned groups to stay informed about community concerns and unresolved issues. Her goal is to provide accurate information in a timely manner utilizing technology to improve communication between the office of the sheriff’s department, the media and the public. Deputy Miller’s daily activity entails sending emails, writing releases and reports to the local area paper (Northeast News). In Deputy Miller’s district reports, she gives information such as mug shots (if permitted), description about the incident, names of the people involved, the location, time and date. Deputy Miller thinks that new technologies, such as the internet are a good tool for law enforcement and the criminal justice system because more avenues have opened up because of the internet.

Deputy Miller came from a descent family, but growing up; she was always getting into trouble in school. Her parents had to place her in a catholic school in the fifth grade because...
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