Critical Issues

Topics: Police, Crime, Police brutality Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Critical Issues Paper
Paula Antonio
September 11, 2011
University of Phoenix

In the 1900s when policing was created they had to face many issues to make sure that they handle lowering crime rates. The police departments would find ways on how to prevent and solve crimes with the use of technology. Only in recent years have many agencies found the use of information technologies significantly helpful. Some examples of these technology uses include fingerprinting databases, computerized crime mapping, and records management systems doing everything from inventorying property and cataloging evidence to calculating solvability factors. I will provide some detailed examples as well as my own opinion of each category of how technology is used in policing and how technology enhances from police organizations ability to function; Examples of less than lethal weapons and how less than lethal weapons affect policing; and examples of the dangers faced by police and how police organizations address these dangers.

“Those were desperate times for policemen in a hostile country with unpaved streets and uneven sidewalks, sometimes miles from the police station, with little prospects of assistance in case of need.... It took nerve to be a policeman in those days" Chief Francis O'Neill of the Chicago Police Department in 1903. The first use of technology in policing was cars, radios, computers, and firearms. If it were not for the creation of technology in 1900s police departments would have a very hard time to stop all the crimes that were being created. So in 1960 the Crime Commission was established. Today in the 21st Century there are many new kinds of technology used in policing and one is being created for the “future cops” which decreases the dangerous high-speed chases with criminals is the StarChase System. The StarChase system is a laser guided GPS tracking system that is launched from the front grill of the squad car and guided by a laser-light...
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