International Marketing Research on Electronic Products

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Survey on Electronic Products

Consumption of Undergraduate

----------International Market Research

Survey on Electronic Products1
Consumption of Undergraduate1
2. Literature Review4
3. Research question6
4. Methodology6
5. Results:7
6. Discussion14
7. Research significance16
7.1 Developing trend forecast16
7.2 Purpose analysis17
8. Conclusion and recommendations17
8.1 Conclusion of the research17
8.2 Limitations18
8.3 Recommendations19
Appendix :19
2.Survey on Electronic Products Consumption of Undergraduate20


As we know, with the development of electronic products People pay more attention to them especially the college students. They gradually become the main force of consumers of the electronic products industry. According to that ,this report focuses on the electronic products consumption of college student. In order to find out the impact factors of electronic products consumption and forecast the trend of market in future we use survey methodology, which includes questionnaire, Internet research, data process and analysis to study it.


With the refinement of the rapid development of higher education and the consumer electronics market, college students have become a special electronic consumer groups.MP3/MP4 and electronic dictionaries, computers and mobile phones have become the college students must electronics products.The same time, the college students for the pursuit of electronic products becoming more and more personalized. Understanding of the the undergraduate electronic products consumption situation can not only learn more about the new trend of the consumer electronics market in contemporary college students, and also can learn about the concept of consumer electronic products in the current college students. According to this background, this report is a study about electronic products consumption of college student. The purpose of the report is to provide a basis for product development, sales of electronic products in enterprises.

In this report we choose snowball sampling ,using questionnaire, internet research ,data process and analysis for the methodology.The survey data show that 100% of the students have cell phones ,computers, and other electronic products at the same time. Similarly, the purchase ways of electronic products are also diverse. Which the main is store, followed by the communications market, department stores and online stores.

Motivation and the impact of factors for college students to buy electronic products include economic factors, demand factors, purchase influencing factors, frequency of purchase and the impulse to buy. Overall, the students focus on the price and quality of electronic products, biased in favor of the purchase of more cost-effective products. The appearance of the product, brand, service ect. affect consumers’ buying behavior.

According to the survey analysis, come to the following recommendations. Enterprises should take the a flexible product price positioning; expand brand awareness, public relations activities; promotional carry out a variety of ways, expand sales channels; emphasis on the development and utilization of the resources of the university student customers, provide good sales services. 

2. Literature Review

IN”An Exploration of the Psychological Factors Influencing College Students' Consumption of Mobile Phone in West China”[1] report ,it states that “College students' consumption of mobile phone is not only determined by rational analysis and comparison. By the analysis in this article, the psychological factors influencing college students' purchase of mobile phone in west China include the social attribute, the reliability, the coherence, and the novelty. At the same time, college...
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