International Business

Topics: The Culture, French people, Multinational corporation Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: March 15, 2012
1. What do you think has made Four Seasons successful over the last 30 years? Four Seasons is a leading provider of exceptional service. It rose to its leadership status through high quality personalized service and they have done so consistently, adding a lot of value to its customers. Workers were taught to be detail oriented and have a certain standard of professionalism, modesty and humility as management also helped clear tables, setting a culture of equality and high standards. President Antoine Corinthio’ views and being a cultural chameleon, allowed him to see that it is important to know the culture of a region before expanding in that area. 2. Do you think corporate culture play a role in Four Season’s success? If so, how and why? Yes, there is a strong corporate culture of family, support and also tough love. Many senior management have long durations and careers within the company and there is a sense of loyalty to the ‘family.’ This culture created strong management, employee commitment and loyalty. Along with their culture of customer service, staff were encouraged to do anything to ensure that customers are serviced beyond just the standard. No one was fired, only counseled, unless there was a very serious offence. Their concept of diversity and singularity - They understand that the local cultures vary and thus are aware of it, which is essential for multinational companies to have. They have honed the ability to maintain a consistent high standard throughout the world, yet, know the right things to tweak in order to be responsive and receptive to the local culture, making the guests feel right at home in the respective country they are in currently. An American Four Seasons is very differently decorated than a Bali Four Seasons. The company also had a learning culture, committed to learning from its operations and success in various countries before opening up in another location. 3. How do you feel about the way Four...
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