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Develop organizational marketing objectives|
Assessment Part 1|
Joaquin Fernando AVILA BARRETO|


TASK A – Strategic Direction and Marketing Performance
1. Starbucks Mission statement or philosophy for how it does business. In your opinion, is the mission statement partly to blame for its challenges in Australia?

In my opinion I think the Starbucks mission statement does not fill to the Australian market expectations, due to mostly part of the mission is created and focus in an already created culture and its proposes is to think globally and standardize. They designed some principles thinking in a standard drink, and thinking in a kind of customer who is just looking for a place to relax, but my question is, where that busy customer is? The customer who does not have time to wait for an order and is seeking for a brief cup of coffee in the morning or after lunch going quickly to the job, all these are not necessities cover in the mission principles and statement of Starbucks. On the other hand they are aware to offer the finest coffee which is an important issue that Australian people are looking forward for any kind of product. In addition the mission is taking account the community, this is a special and positive point for Starbucks in Australia, they say that everyone is invited to do business; I think they are taking care about people that is an important aspect that is relevant to Australian market.

2. Conduct a Situational Analysis for Starbucks Australia outlining factor that have impacted on its direction and performance?

Australian relationships Coffee producers countries, Vietnam, Austrade India Great political stability, Industrial and environmental regulations,

Economic Issues:
Australia has a low unemployment rate, High standard living (Good purchase power), open market and economy to do business, Great expectations for the trading economy as short and long term. Australia has one of the best economies in the world.

High standard level of Education, Religion does not affect consumer behaviours, Laid-back way of living, Hospitality and gastronomy is seen as a culture by Australian. Good reaction of new products, Predominantly tolerance.

Australia has an appropriate infrastructure to run business and to get a good way to interact with clients, such as ways of distribution, appropriate and accessible Internet connection and network, Bio and Agricultural development.

3. Identify the legal and ethical requirements that guide Starbucks (short and long term). Starbucks need to be aware of the trade laws and taxation rates to do business in Australia and also consider Health and Safety regulations, due to Australia is a country which is concern about the high standards levels of safety, as staff and community. Employment law, Starbucks needs to be aware about the immigration law, knowing the number of hours an employee can perform, and also the minimum salary required in this country.

4. Outline the strategic direction of Starbucks Australia and its impact on marketing initiatives. The strategic direction and Starbucks main principles are continuing getting to expand and improving its business. Starbucks drives its values to get closer to customers and to provide more and better products option and services. The new challenge for the company is to obtain a position and discover customer necessities this would allow the company to take the brand into wholesale, grocery and convenience store locations, serving millions -- many of whom might never have been inside a Starbucks store.

5. Critically review previous marketing positioning strategies for Starbucks Australia. Starbucks demanded their headship by concentrating on a strategy of new products, a close connection with customers as the Third Place and expanding...
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