Integrated Marrketing Communication

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Orion Confectionery Pages: 10 (1936 words) Published: August 10, 2012
Marketing Communication and Public Relation

IMC Plan for Orion’s Choco Pie

Lecturer: Ms. Le Minh Hang
Group: Nguyen Minh Ngoc
Tran Huyen Trang
Bui Thi Khanh Ly
Nguyen Thi Minh Thu
Tran Anh Dung
Class: BBUS 13

Date of submission: Jun 1st 2012

Executive summary

Orion is a famous Korean confectionary food corporation and its subsidiary was instituted since 2005 in Vietnam with the production of a wide range of products including Custas, Goute, Fresh Pie… and Choco Pie is still a product that consumed with a big volume in Vietnamese market.

In this plan, we focuses on analyzing the current situation of Choco Pie including examining both its external and internal factors, current target customers. We have found that Choco Pie has certain strengths like strong brand equity, high quality product and more importantly marketing activities are running efficiently which help Choco Pie gain more market share in Vietnamese market. However, there is a problem with ads on magazines which is inefficient so it is not used anymore.

Therefore, in this report we plan to develop a new IMC strategy that will target student customers as an addition to the current target children customers in order to take its strengths, increase profits and promote the image of “Tình” for the company. Hence, we aim to remove inefficiencies and use IMC tools to undertake this strategy. To achieve that, we will use three common tools of IMC including sales promotion, PR and advertising However, advertising will be funded most as it is an easy way to reach Choco Pie ‘s customers. Surely customers will have better awareness, perception about Choco Pie and inevitably sales volume will jump up.

This IMC strategy can be evaluated and controlled by on-going measures of performance through both feedback and changes in the profit related figures. This is to ensure the success that we are all looking forward to.

List of Contents

Executive summaryi
Chapter 1 Introduction of company1
1.1 Vision1
1.2 Mission1
1.3 Company and product performance in recent years2
Chapter 2 Situation analysis4
2.1 IMC analysis4
2.1.1 Internal analysis4
2.1.2 External factors7
2.2 Market segmentation and target audience10
2.2.1 Target market:10
2.2.2 Positioning12
2.3 Problem recognition13
Chapter 3 IMC Objectives14
3.1 Advertising objective:14
3.2 Sale objective:14
3.3 Communication objective:15
Chapter 4 IMC Strategies16
4.1 Sales promotion16
4.2 Public relations17
4.2.1 Charity17
4.2.2 Sponsor18
4.2.3 Fan pages19
4.3 Advertising21
4.3.1 On TV21
4.3.2 On radio23
4.3.3 Transit24
Chapter 5 Action plan25
Chapter 6 Budget26
Chapter 7 Evaluation and control27
List of references28
Appendix 1 The price of advertising on Zing NewsI
Appendix 2 The price of advertising on Xone FM VOV3II

Introduction of company

Known as the group's largest confectionery manufacturer in Vietnam with 100% capital of Korea, Orion Food Co., Ltd. Vietnam is gradually asserted power to dominate the market, conquered customers with quality products as well as other social activities. Orion's products are distributed in 65 countries around the world. Orion's products (especially CHOCOPIE, CUSTAS, FRESHPIE, GOUTE, SNACK OSTAR, SNACK TOONIES...) is currently producing and trading on the Vietnam market to serve the need in domestic market and export to the South East Asia. Orion set up its local subsidiary in Vietnam in 2005, securing market dominance in the fast-growing Southeast Asian market.

1 Vision

Orion is a strong brand in the manufacturing sector and confectionery business, leading domestic market and export to foreign market.

2 Mission

- With the company’s quality policy and commitment "Customer is the key object in all our activities."

- Orion is dedicated to health and...
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