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Topics: Fast food, El Pollo Loco, India Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Marketing practices and Market opportunities

The marketing practices of El Pollo Loco for Indian market will be developed based on analyzing through the four P’s of marketing, which are products, place, price and promotional strategies. The market opportunities of El Pollo Loco in Indian will be developed by researching and comparing its competitors in Indian fast food market. Next, the details of four P will be introduced.

Since the goal of marketing is to transform goods or services from concept into actual things and deliver to targeted customers, the results which come from analyzing four Ps will help management to decide and make the proper marketing strategies. First, analyzing will starts with El Pollo Loco’s products. As from the very first store of El Pollo Loco, the main product it offered to customers was chicken meat that cooked with special herbs, spices and fruit juice and served with things like salad, burritos, tacos and variety of sides. To the majority of Indians despite those who live around seacoast, chicken is one of their favorite daily foods. This is because of that most of Indians are Hindus, so beef and pork are prohibited to be served as foods. This religion regulation makes India a major chicken consumed market. So El Pollo Loco‘s chicken fitted in Indian food market’s need perfectly. The only adjustment they will need maybe is to make their chicken spicier and add curry to its sides menu as Indians are famous for enjoying spicy food. Second, place in four Ps means that El Pollo Loco needs to find the right distribution channels to reach its customers. In the other words, the locations of stores are very important. In order to find the right locations for the store, several factors need to be considered. One factor is whether the target location is near seacoasts as seafood is one of the substitutions of beef and pork. Another factor is that the located cities should have high volume of populations. This will make sure that there...
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