Instyle Report

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Instyle Magazine Report

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure and great opportunity to meet Instyle magazine fashion editor who came to give a talk and small presentation and the following is what I gather from what Mr Alvin has shared.;

Instyle magazine targets 25-40 years old middle to upper class women with the core target market being from 25-32 years old. The magazine consists of; * Fashion 45% - still life/products, fashion spreads/models, article/fashion feature * Beauty 25% - still life, beauty spread, articles/writer * Feature 30% - profile, travelling, food, entertainment.

According to Mr Alvin, celebrities are basically the ‘gods’ of Instyle Magazine. Instyle is very focus on celebrities, the good side of course and not the gossipy kind. The structure of the company in Instyle magazine is as follow;

Vice President
Business Manager
Managing editor
| | | | -Senior editor -Art Director -Adv sales Director -Promotion Manager Editor Graphic design Adv. Manager Promotion executives Associate Editor Photographers Client service Manager Reporter Digital Imaging Adv. Executives Freelancer

The job description of a fashion stylist is to decide on the concept of what is going to be on the magazine. They usually hold a meeting where they meet and exchange ideas and plan for the next 3-6 months for the magazine’s content and concept. After the concept is decided, they will have to do a storyboard and execute the photography , the writings and finally, the layout check. A fashion stylist/editor is also responsible for borrowing designer’s items to be featured in the magazine and they need to be very careful with the items as any damage incur during the time of borrowing, they...
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