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Essay:750words STEP TWO – Submit FIT’s Supplemental Admissions Materials •Online Academic History and Essay form. What makes you a perfect candidate for FIT? Why are you interested in the major you are applying to? The essay is also your chance to tell us more about your experiences, activities and accomplishments. (No more than 750 words, please.)

In The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith made the classic observation that individuals acting in their own self-interest can benefit society more than they expect to. My predilection for fashion developed since I came to Singapore at the age of 16. I still remember the gigantic poster of Prada featured Sasha Pivovarova hanging over the shopping mall, so impressive I was even though I had little knowledge about high fashion. Nowadays, my attachment to fashion becomes an obsession. There are piles of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar under my bed. I also surf on to access the free fashion updates. The TV series Mad Men leads me to appreciate the 60’s fashion style and develops a love for vintages. I believe FIT is the right place where aspiring young people pursue their dreams in the fashion world.

My love for art and fashion has developed since my childhood. I had taken continuous external art lessons (such as charcoal drawing and traditional Chinese painting for years) in China and joined Art Club and Photographic Society after I came to Singapore. During my tour to Paris and Rome, I was first time stunned by the cities’ perfect fusion of fashion and its ambience. Just like what Grace Codington said in the documentary September Issue, I always kept my eyes open during the trip, because “inspiration for fashion is everywhere”.

Fashion merchandiser and manager are the media between designers and costumers. They should be consumer-oriented while still be innovative and inspiring enough to evoke consumer interests for new collections. From Coco Chanel’s “Women should dress for themselves, not for men” to Yves...
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