The Fashion Icon: Jimmy Choo

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The definition here might be: someone who leads in fashion circles. Someone might also say it was someone whose wardrobe suggests comfort in styles of yesterday, today, and those up-and-comers of tomorrow.

An icon could also be someone who, while dressing trendily, also was able to be true to a look that celebrated their unique style....

An icon might also be someone whose "look" was simply timeless and unaffected by trends.....

I tend to see a fashion icon as having that inescapable confidence that can make anything they wear....simply desirable.

A fashion icon is someone or in certain cases a product that has its own identity. Fashion icon always stands out in a group through its uniqueness of style. They are always appreciated and accepted by the masses. A fashion icon is made when something completely new comes up or when some healthy amendments are made in the existing style. It should be different and good.

Fashion icons: A new breed of Web-based reality stars.
(An article pasted on the NDTV wall, discussing upon fashion icons)

"Editors and models have become the new fashion icons," said Tommy Ton, the Toronto-based publisher of Jak & Jil, a photo blog that charts stylists' and editors' progress to and from the fashion tents. Their look and quirky glamour have, in fact, inspired a flurry of advertising campaigns, product introductions and fashion lines. "Even celebrities follow their lead," Mr. Ton maintained. They do, in fact, seem to be wielding an influence that is, ironically, poised to outstrip that of the magazines they serve. "You've got people interested in fashion in Middle America going to these Web sites and studying these people," said Gregory Littley, a social media and branding consultant in New York. They are "using the blogs as a resource with which to educate themselves.

Style-struck viewers might identify Ms. Roitfeld by her form-fitting dresses, dominatrix footwear or the swag of dark hair that falls over one eye and grazes her finely etched cheekbones; they could as readily pick out Ms. Dello Russo by her theatrical, straight-from-the-runway looks: big shoulders, big furs, baroque accessories and cascades of drapery; and Ms. Lanphear by her platinum boy bob, spiky jewelry and biker coat. And they might know Ms. Battaglia by her offbeat classicism -- back-swept hair, creased trousers and breezy, trend-proof dresses. Would-be insiders themselves, those blogophiles already are more than glancingly acquainted with a handful of fashion stars who invade their living rooms each week by way of shows like "Project Runway." They formed a sizable part of the audience for "The September Issue," a film documentary that made an unlikely pop star of Grace Coddington, the creative director of American Vogue. And some can parrot the sayings of Rachel Zoe, the Hollywood superstylist who is given to breathing "I die" in broadcasts of "The Rachel Zoe Project" on the Bravo network.

Stylists who dress celebrities or direct fashion shoots and put together runway looks for prominent designers, were once fashion's unsung worker bees. "They have been inspiring designers for years," said Andrew Rosen, the chief executive of Theory, a fashion brand that featured a roster of prominent stylists in a recent store and Web campaign. "Now they're inspiring consumers."

Fashion professionals and civilians alike are drawn by the editors' evident passion, said Ms. Lanphear, one of Jak & Jil's most popular subjects and the heroine as well of several fan sites devoted exclusively to her racy look. "They communicate that passion by wearing runway pieces styled in new ways, in everyday situations," she said. "That's what's so inspiring." ( is capitalizing on Ms. Lanphear's visibility by featuring her on its site, where she shares her insights with readers.)

The fashion idiosyncrasies of stylists certainly appeal to Tiffany Fung, a senior at Oberlin College in Ohio, and a devotee of...
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