80s Fashion Influence

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March 30, 2012
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Fashion in the 80s:
Why the 1980s Was the Most Influential Fashion Era

No one will forget the times of padded shoulders, Members Only jackets, Doc Martens, and neon. That’s why the 1980s were the most influential of all eras in regards to fashion. The great importance of the 80s, in regards to fashion, is shown by the fashion icons on the day, the era of fashion shows, and specific trends still reflected today.

Fashion icons in the 80s made a huge impact on the fashion industry. They collectively pushed the industry to the peak of culture. One example is Madonna. She impacted the pop culture and forever affected high end fashion. In her music videos, she wore clothes that were more risqué than previously worn. She also empowered women to be individual and think outside of the box.(4) For most, Madonna was much more than just a mere music star. She became inspiration for American women to feel confident. This ultimately was reflected in their fashion choices. Madonna not only had signature look but included bits of fashion from all aspects of 80s society (2). In addition to Madonna, another fashion icon was Michael Jackson. He also contributed to the fashion popularity in the 80s. He showed fashion in all of his music videos, concerts and appearances. Another reason why he was very important to American culture is that he contributed to men’s fashion, which was often overlooked in society. (2) Jackson soon became a large fashion icon for men. Both of these examples of fashion idols are very famous and will never be forgotten. They show how innovative and unique the 80s were to the industry. The led the wave of fashion that was the 1980s.

Additionally, the 80s was the era of the fashion show. It showed how upbeat, inventive and electrified the era really was. Fashion shows in the 80s were fun and playful, and they always included upbeat music and skillful dancers. (3) They were conspicuous, often, and easy to...
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