Information Technology and Modalisation of Organizational Behavior

Topics: Semiotics, Information technology, Psychology Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Information technology and modalisation of organizational behavior Information technology can alter an organizations capacity to act effectively and achieve its performance goals. The article analyses the shaping of organizational behavior and effectiveness around the use of information technology. There are various forms of competences and constraints presented in organizational behavior and the functions of informational technology systems. This article proposes a new framework for carrying out a qualitative analysis of information technology based organizational functioning in terms of social dimensions of behavior (Corea, 2006). The framework, in particular, aims to treat certain aspects of the constitution of organizational capacity or effectiveness such as: the way organizational performance in the use of information technology is shaped by conflicts or contradictions that arise in the course of action (Corea, 2006). The purpose of the author’s research is to expand the theorizing of information technology based practice and to work on a perspective that semiotic theory is not merely restricted to a study of communication, but encompasses the more global phenomena of social behavior or cultural practices (Corea, 2006). In order to enlighten individuals concerning behavior in information technology based practices Corea utilized work from Greimas, Orlikowski and Robey. Greimas, a French semiotician, wrote on the structural organization of human behavior. Greimas’ work encompassed more of a global phenomenon of social behavior or cultural practices. Greimas extended his interpretive paradigm to include the structure of social action, creating a general semiotic approach to all of culture (Corea, 2006).” Orlikowski and Robey originally brought to light the shaping of information technology based organizational activities from a behavioral standpoint, in relation to the significance or meaning that organizational actors ascribe to information...
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