Threats & Opportunities for E Business

Topics: Developing country, Developed country, Human Development Index Pages: 42 (7537 words) Published: December 16, 2012
EJISDC (2009) 36, 8, 1-31

Ghulam Muhammad Kundi
Department of Public Administration
Gomal University, D. I. Khan,

Department of Public Administration
Gomal University, D. I. Khan,

This study identifies the characteristics of the independent variables i.e. governmental, organizational, human and technological conditions and the dependent phenomenon of the success/failure of eBusiness projects in the background of Pakistan. A huge body of research is going to be unfolded, which if not managed properly, can nullify all the investments and efforts on eBusiness in the country. The study is based on survey approach; a questionnaire on continuous scale was used, where t-test, ANOVA, correlation and regression analysis were done for statistical analysis of primary data. Out of 31 hypotheses, 22 were substantiated and the rest were rejected. This study finds that though the conditions are not much promising for eBusiness at the moment, yet growing interest of the private sector through viable investment and gradual improvement in infrastructure indicates more opportunities than threats for eBusiness in Pakistan.

Key Words: eBusiness, Government, IT-Policy, Bureaucracy, Infrastructure, Political Environment, Organization, Organizational IT-Maturity, Structure and Size, Organizational Culture, Power and Politics, Management Styles, Technology, IT Professionals, eSecurity, eTransactions, Opportunities and Threats.

Information Technology (IT) has revolutionized the organizational structures and performance of all the public, private and other social organizations round the globe. Since 1990s IS applications have penetrated into almost all dimensions of human life. The initial usage of computer-artifacts was ‘automation’ of the routine tasks, therefore, the technology played ‘back-office’ role in the organizational environments. Gradually the technology developed by ‘offering multiple packages to be used at different levels of the management and the organizational practices’ (Laudon, 2003).

Pakistan is on its way to digital modes of governance and business. Like any other developing country, Pakistan is also passing through good and bad experiences, however, unless adequate measures are introduced in customizing the technology, mismanagement always results in wastage of resources, problems in usage and sometimes total termination of the projects (Glass, 1998). Survey after survey reveals that most IT projects fail, cause new organizational problems and eat budget (Glass, 1998; Deva, 2003). In many industries, such as banking and telecommunication, it is virtually impossible for an organization to compete unless its customers are given the level of service that is only possible with high technology systems. Now organizations are conducting business online i.e. eBusiness. According to (Rogers, 2002) “eBusiness means interacting and serving the customers online” which uses IT to expedite the exchange of information for communication and coordination both inside and outside of the organization and to manage the internal processes and external relationships with customers, suppliers and other entities. This research aims at identification of organizational, human and environmental context of the eBusiness in Pakistan as computerization in the developing countries has several common problem, however, each country also has its own issues, which must be The Electronic Journal on Information Systems in Developing Countries

EJISDC (2009) 36, 8, 1-31


accommodated by the system developers through the customization of the new systems. Thus the research problem for this research can be stated as ‘given the dangers of IT-projects both in private and public sector how are the conditions for eBusiness in Pakistan with regard to its contextual factors and how could...
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