Tesco Project

Topics: Hypermarket, Wal-Mart, Tesco Pages: 8 (2520 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Submission Date: December 13th , 2012

Table of Contents
a.Summary of E-business in the hypermarket Industry2
b.Objectives and scope of the report2

a.Background of Tesco3
b.Purpose of Tesco’s E-business Strategy4
c.Benefits gained by Tesco with its strategy5
d.Identify and Criticise ( Study Case sample )6
e.Tesco’s business strategy with its implementation and the needs/demands in online shopping9



V.References & Bibliografy12

I. Introduction
a. Summary of E-business in the hypermarket Industry
E-business is a term used to describe businesses run on the Internet or using Internet technologies to improve the productivity or profitability of a company. In a more general sense, the term can be used to describe any form of electronic commerce that is any company that uses computers. This usage is a bit archaic, however, and in most contexts e-business refers exclusively to Internet businesses.

The most common application of e-business as a supplement or in some cases primary, storefront. Selling products and services online, an e-business is able to reach a much larger customer base than any traditional brick and mortar store could ever hope for. This feature of e-business is considered the commerce, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. E-businesses are using the Internet to do business. Online business to engage in advertising, buying and selling products and services. Due to increased competitiveness of hypermarket. a hybrid supermarket / shop - adoption of e-business has helped the company gain a competitive edge on their peers in terms of reducing costs, increasing revenue sources and increased customer satisfaction.

b. Objectives and scope of the report
This paper is to analyze the strategies Tesco for e-commerce. Explain, identify and criticize their e-commerce and make recommendations to improve its e-commerce. There we know more studies are needed. II. Body

c. Background of Tesco
Tesco and the group known British manufacturer with presence in Europe, Asia and the United States has also launched online. Tesco opened its first store in Edgware, north London in 1929. Tesco Direct has over 8000 products. Most of this study should be a valid attachment, the relationship between the adoption of e-commerce and strategy in supermarkets, and more specifically in Tesco Direct.

* Tesco began its life in 1919 when Jack Cohen started selling surplus groceries from a stall in the East End of London. * The brand has to increase in 1930, when Mr. Cohen has built an office and warehouse in North London 1932 Tesco became a limited company. * In 1947, Tesco Stores (Holdings) Ltd is quoted at a price of 25p per share. * In 1950, the dealer bought 70 stores and 200 branches Harrow Williams, followed by 97 stores Philips and Charles Victor chain 1960th * In 1961, Tesco Leicester in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest department store in Europe and in1968Tesco opened its first "store" in Crawley, West Sussex. * Since 1970, Tesco has built a nationwide distribution network to cover the whole of the UK, which is still growing, but to diversify into other products. * In 1974, Tesco opened its first gas station, and become the largest independent gasoline retailer in the UK. * In 1979, total sales exceeded one billion pounds and by 1982 sales had doubled over £ 2 billion. * In 1992, the company launched the slogan "every little helps", followed by the range of values ​​In 1993 Tesco. * In 1997, Sir Terry Leahy Tesco appointed Managing Director. Tesco.com launched at the supermarket in2000and its range of products, which now, clothing, financial products and electrical personnel continued. * In 2004, Tesco entered the broadband market.

* In 2006, the retailer has announced ambitious plans to open stores in the...
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