Information System Briefing

Topics: Information system, Information systems, Information Systems Research Pages: 3 (664 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Information system briefing
By Adrienne Williams
Healthcare Information systems HCS/483
Instructor Dionne Mahaffey

In this information system briefing I will be discussing the process of researching and selecting Good information systems, when selecting a system you must always know the goal of the organization. mainly how this change can affect the stakeholders selection process. This system is distinct by way of an electrical form of communicating information (American Heritage Dictionary). In studies it’s clear to see the theory of information systems is just shared ideas and information; telecommunication though a computer. This type of technology has become very valuable when it comes to teaching and learning material system modules for any organization.

In most accomplishment the general point of the project rest on having a system in place that can implementing a plan to meet the necessities of the healthcare Manufacturing business world today. Applying an information system is always a difficult task. It’s very significant to select a system that will benefit the organization accomplishments.

Information Systems Briefing
In many cases when it comes to healthcare organization being up to speed with the latest technology can and will help offer top notch patient care services. Most organization who are up to date has an department dedicated to information system it is in place to safeguard the technology up to the standards it needs to be. Updating this type of technology can be a bit of a challenge. The company always has a team of people to organize the information must choose the best technology for them to achieve the goals that are set for the company. Stakeholders are involved in every part of the planning and the setting up of the goals if the organization if the stakeholders do not know the steps about the information system technology they won’t know what’s taking place. Once goals are set...
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