Information Literacy on Spl Model

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The Influence of Information Literacy on the SPL Model
Information literacy is said to be the foundation of the learning process. Unfortunately, as the Internet expands to meet the demand for easy accessible information, people are abandoning the literacy component by not seeking to understand the importance of reliable information to the learning process itself. The objective of this paper is to explore how the scholar, practitioner, leader model is influenced by information literacy, examine the responsibility of each, and provide alternate solutions to meet the challenges. The Scholar Practitioner Leader Model at a Glance

The Scholar Practitioner Leader model is a structure implemented by the University of Phoenix‘s school of advanced studies (SAS), in an effort to provide a foundation that promotes scholarly leaning that spans a lifetime. As result of scholarship, the model enables individuals to make significant societal contributions both socially, and professionally; in doing so, this individual is in a position to have positive influence as a leader of local national and global communities (University of Phoenix, 2010). Responsibility of the Scholar

The scholar is held accountable to ensure that research is conducted in a manner that is within guidelines of acceptable academic standards; for this reason information literacy is an influential force that serves a means of maintaining academic integrity under the Scholar Practitioner Leader Model. As a problematic symptom of the information age, students prefer questionable Internet-based sources as opposed to scholarly material deeming the latter as irrelevant (Badke, 2009). Educators must address this issue by challenging the quality of research that their students perform. According to Badke (2009) “Proprietary databases are being ignored despite the fact that they house the bulk of academic literature.” The problem is obvious; however, the solution must include provisions to ensure that students...
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