Empirical Research

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Mary Llyresa M. Magsino E3A

1. Discuss the conflict of autonomy and accountability in academic research.

The conflict of autonomy and accountability in academic research in academic research is that independence and responsibility are two different things. The conflict in the academic research is that the academic’s research impact has a controversy with the European autonomy of universities. The autonomy is challenged to demonstrate the economic impact on the universities from the investment of the public funds. The vice chancellor of a Canadian university discussed about the separation of the universities and the government. They’re trying to create balance between the autonomy of the universities and the accountabilities of these universities to the government through public funds. Five strategic aims were formed: improving the quality of teaching, widening participation, employer engagement and knowledge transfer, research and contribution to the economy. And by 2011 universities signed a compact stating that the institutions will show their projects that will be funded by the Government.

2. Explain the importance of inference and interpretation in research.

The importance of inference and interpretation in research is that it helps the researchers to understand their research better. Inferences are conclusions or guesses that will aid the researchers on what questions need to be answered or what facts need more evidence. Interpretation, on the other hand, is also important for the researchers to widen their topic. Interpretation of data gives a more detailed definition of statements made by the researchers. While inferences broaden the investigation of the answer, the interpretation backs up the validity of the answer. An example of this is our own research, Subli. We made inferences about the Subli’s dance movements and costumes. After researching and interviewing, we came up with the answer. After getting the...
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