Evidence Based Research

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Research in Nursing has become a fundamental discipline throughout the years and this report will provide an insight into the process of research. This report will show how to use the Cinhal database to extract the best available article within the parameters of Tissue Viability and formulation of the research question. The main features will focus on the reliability and validity of the chosen topic of the Waterlow Scale tool and the comprehensive evaluation of the evidence. The main aim of this report is to validate the effectiveness of Waterlow Assessment Tool and identify any risk factors, towards the prevention of pressure ulcers. The overall strengths and weaknesses of the report will highlight any justifications that would challenge the validity of the search. The final stages will evaluate the conclusions of the literature and whether it is justifiable to apply into practice, analyzing some of the barriers to facilitate its implementation. The conclusion will summarize all the key points in the report and any further recommendations required for the future.

Search Process

To formulate the specific question to begin my search process, I explored the PICO (Brun, 2009) template to determine the key components I would use. This template enabled me to structure and evaluate the pertinent answers I required and plan the subsequent stages incorporating tissue viability in clinical practice. Using PICO I configured my thoughts to formulate a clear and answerable question:

Problem.............. Tissue Viability and Pressure Ulcer Prevention Intervention........ Waterlow Scale Tool
Comparison........ Clinical Judgment and Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Outcome............. Validity and usefulness

My Search Process began with the Cinhal database resource and Ebsco Host Interface. To focus the search I began with the problem and entered 'Pressure Ulcer' as my 1st advanced search term. To elaborate further I proceeded to use two other advanced search methods of 'Tissue Preservation' and Clinical Assessment Tools' to combine the results to create a broader body of literature. At this point I felt I needed to reduce and refine the amount of evidence by using the options tool in my search modes. I used a further 5 options to specify the hierarchy of evidence and state below why I chose these options:

Option 1: Research Journal Article.......... Periodical publications reporting
academically new research and peer reviewed for authorization. Option 2: Nursing...................................... Using nurses theories and processes in

clinical Practice
Option 3: Abstract..................................... To quickly ascertain the body of literature and specific subject. Option 4: Evidence Based Practice...........Qualitative and quantitative methodologies for clinical effectiveness Option 5: UK & Ireland............................. Locate comparable's and best available


The chosen article found was 'Validity of the Waterlow scale and risk of pressure injury in acute care'. (British Journal of Nursing, 2010). My preference for this article was based on the content and predominantly the understandability of the text. I found the other available articles were too complex to read and uninformative in their context. The article provided me with all the evidence needed to answer the question I was asking.

Critical Appraisal of Evidence

This chapter will use a Conceptional Framework (Holland, 2010) for critiquing the evidence provided from the quantitative article, published by the British Journal of Nursing (BJN, 2010). This section will use sub-headings to show the stages of critiquing and appraisal of the evidence provided in the chosen article.


The main topic of concern is the validity of the Waterlow scale for...
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