Practioner/Scholar Learning Model

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Practitioner Scholar Paper
Orientation to Graduate Learning
In Psychology
Heather Rajaniemi, BS
Capella University
August 25, 2012

In this paper I will discuss the concept Practitioner-Scholar Learning Model. I will compare this model with the Reflective-Practitioner Learning Model and explain what being a Practitioner-Scholar means to me as a learner at Capella and as a professional out in the working field. For me the first step in the completion of this assignment was to define the concepts of scholar, practitioner, reflective-practitioner and practitioner-scholar. defines Scholar as a learned or erudite person, especially one who has profound knowledge of a particular subject (Scholar, 2012). It also defines Practitioner as a person engaged in the practice of profession or a person who practices something specified (Practitioner, 2012). In my case the specific subject would be General Psychology specializing in Family Therapy. By obtaining these two definitions I know that a Practitioner-Scholar is someone who practices in a specialization of their choice and does advanced research in regards to that specialization. In my case as a Capella student I would be a Practitioner of General Psychology and a Scholar in Family Therapy.

Additional concepts I have been asked to consider in this assignment include Reflective- Practitioner and Practitioner-Scholar. Based on my own experience would define reflecting as having the ability, at regular intervals, to look back at the work I have done, and the work process, and consider how I can improve. Reflective Practitioner is defined by Author Christopher Johns as someone who lives reflection as a way of being (Johns, 2009). A Practitioner Scholar to me is taking what I have learned here during my studies at Capella. Apply it to helping others and to become an expert in my chosen specialization of Family Therapy through the utilization of the research skills I...
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