Leadership Qualities for Criminal Justice Professionals

Topics: Police, Ethics, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Leadership Skills for Criminal Justice Professionals
Phillip C. Moore
Strayer University

The goal of this essay is to describe some leadership skills that are beneficial in the professional and personal life of the criminal justice professional. While some websites list ten criminal justice leadership skill qualifications, only those that pertain to the previously stated parameters of the professional and personal life will be included in this paper. (Various, 2010) The four qualities that meet the aforementioned criteria are communication skills; the ability to think and act quickly; being able to handle stress; and the ethics and virtue. Communication skills are crucial to the criminal justice professional. One may be the smartest person in the department, but not excel to a leadership position due to lacking these skills. They must be able to make themselves clearly understood verbally in order to convey orders to those under his authority. Another aspect to verbal skills is the ability to explain any legal outcomes to the suspect, the public, or to speak to the media should the need arise. In this position of leadership, one may be asked to speak to a Rotary Club, teen outreach center, or other like functions. In today’s society, any mistakes can make the difference whether the speaker is considered a success or failure. Writing skills are crucial to the criminal justice professional. The ability to write reports, observations, parole reports, and press releases will often require many different written styles; all of which the professional must somewhat acquainted with. (Unknown, 2011) The ability to think and act quickly in any situation could mean the difference between life and death in some situations. In the professional setting, how a hostage situation, a bomb threat, or possible terroristic action is handled is crucial. Mass casualties are possible if quick and decisive action, or a rash unthinking decision,...
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