Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Grand Canyon University
EDU-225 Instructional Technology

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan (Benchmark)


It is my mission to become an educator with the proficiency, knowledge and resources to encourage academic excellence and provide the opportunity for students to enhance their educational practice and to increase their intellectual productivity through technology. I will provide sufficient resources to encourage the use of technology across the curriculum. My mission as a teacher is to significantly improve and develop the lives of the students I teach. My classroom will be an example of high integrity and culture. The students in my classroom will learn how to become great communicators and to uplift and inspire one another to be great. I aspire to make the teaching experience fun for the students as well as for myself. In pursuit of greatness I will inspire my students to think “outside of the box” and enhance their unique talents, skills and abilities. My final mission is to be a life coach, great listener and relatable educator. Vision

My vision is that students will have the opportunity to effectively access and use technology to attain the skills needed to successfully assist them in the development of their education. Students will learn how to manage their acquired knowledge and routinely use technology tools to progressively achieve academic goals. Students will be encouraged to reach their full potential, in addition to learning the effectiveness of technology.

Communication Plan

Communication between teachers, students & parents is critical to student’s success. As an educator it is essential to be committed to open and ongoing communication with students, parents and stakeholders of the school community. A specific plan of communication will ensure a smooth flow of information to both parents and students. The implementation of this plan will consist of several factors and it will take a constant, consistent effort. I understand that every parent ideal source of communication will differ, therefore having several communication strategies is vital. Welcome Letter

I plan to begin the school year with a welcome letter to help parents get their children ready for a new school year and the new classroom. The welcome letter will include: the academic goals for the school year, classroom materials needed, my contact info, school year expectations and an invitation to the school open house. The school open house or teacher meet and greet is a great way for parents to get to know me and for me to allow parents to explore the school while engaging in useful conversations about the upcoming school year. Face to face interaction will be just one of the ways I’ll get parents to open up to me and reveal their ideas and concerns about their child’s education. During the initial meeting I plan to ask the parents to provide me with their contact info and to inform me on the best way to contact them on a regular basis. Class Website

Seeing as though most American households today have computers and internet access; starting a classroom website or blog can be an easy way to communicate with parents. During the school year I intend to setup a classroom website to post classroom events, homework assignments and school news that parent can access at any time. I also intend to use social media as a tool to communicate with students. Introducing students to social media can be done in a safe way by incorporating social media websites into the coursework. Students will learn that internet security is not just defending the computer against viruses and hackers, but they will also need to be knowledgeable of which sites to avoid and not to expose personal information on line. School age children are especially vulnerable to Internet predators, therefore...
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