Information Environment

Topics: Perception, Mind, Dimension Pages: 2 (384 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Three dimensions and of the information environment and its actors The information environment is made up of three interrelated dimensions: physical, informational, and cognitive (JP 3-13, pp. I-1, I-2). A. The Physical Dimension. The physical dimension is composed of the command and control (C2) systems, and supporting infrastructures that enable individuals and organizations to conduct operations across the air, land, sea, and space domains. 1. It is also the dimension where physical platforms and the communications networks that connect them reside. This includes the means of transmission, infrastructure, technologies, groups, and populations. 2. Comparatively, the elements of this dimension are the easiest to measure, and consequently, combat power has traditionally been measured primarily in this dimension. B. The Informational Dimension. The informational dimension is where information is collected, processed, stored, disseminated, displayed, and protected. 1. It is the dimension where the C2 of modern military forces is communicated, and where commander’s intent is conveyed. 2. It consists of the content and flow of information. Consequently, it is the informational dimension that must be protected. C. The Cognitive Dimension. The cognitive dimension encompasses the mind of the decision maker and the target audience (TA). This is the dimension in which people think, perceive, visualize, and decide. It is the most important of the three dimensions. This dimension is also affected by a commander’s orders and other personal motivations. 1. Battles and campaigns can be lost in the cognitive dimension. 2. Factors such as leadership, morale, unit cohesion, emotion, state of mind, level of training, experience, situational awareness, as well as public opinion, perceptions, media, public information, and rumors influence this dimension.

Three dimensions and of the information environment and its actors It is important to know who plays important roles in the...
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