Information System Briefing

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Information System is a combination of people’s decision making and activities used in combination with the new technology information. This is a complete summary of what the information system involves, who is involved, and the type of software or hardware that is compatible with certain computers. With the way technology is changing daily, this makes things hard to keep up with. They have new software, hardware, and new ways of storing and protecting data. The content of this paper will allow you to identify the process for selecting and acquiring an information system, Explain how the organization’s goals drive the selection of the information system, and identify the roles that each of the organizations’ stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process. Process for Selecting and Acquiring

An Information System
The first step is to establish two committees which are the steering and project committees. As stated by Neal (1993) “steering committee oversees the project, provide policy guidance, make major decisions, and allocate budget expenses. The project committee conducts assessment needs, identify system requirements, perform daily functions, train personnel, and implement the system that was chosen.” The second step is to look at the plan and how it is laid out, and the amount of work. Third step is used in sending the proposal to a specific vendor. There are three phases used in the process for selecting an information system. The phases are detecting the need for change in the information system, select an implementation solution, and choose a supplier. All these phases are important when trying to have the right information system. With detecting the need for change in the information system they have to diagnosis the current situation. Documentation of patient information may have to be setup differently in the system. This could be done with new passwords or special security links that only the physician knows to access the...
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