Inadequate Training in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Management, Business Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: August 28, 2012
Negative effects that Inadequate Training has on Businesses and its Employees Introduction
A business’s employees directly affect the success of the business. In general the employees equal the success of a business. When employees are trained adequately the business will most likely thrive. When employees are inadequately trained there will be strain on the business. If a business fails to provide their employees with an adequate training program, the business will be unable maintain an effective and efficient business. Often training programs are ineffective and outdated. This is a major problem for any business. Training is highly important within any business. Businesses and their employees are both subject to the negative effects of the lack of employee training. Businesses need to invest more time and money in the training of their employees. Every business has the responsibility of training their employees. Inadequately Trained Employees

Employees are often trained inadequately to perform their jobs. Without the proper training, employees will not have the correct knowledge to perform their duties and responsibilities. The majority of employees have only a minor understanding of how to complete their duties. Employees who aren't properly trained can become frustrated that they are unable to perform their job duties and responsibilities at a higher level. This may cause them to look elsewhere for employment or just settle for a second-rate performance. If an employee does not understand how to properly finish their duties or does not know how to accomplish the task efficiently, the business will most likely experience meager employee task execution. Employees that aren’t trained effectively cannot accomplish their duties and responsibilities in the approved manner. Employees that barely have a grasp on their basic work that are faced with a more difficult task sometimes improvise. This improvising proved to have many negative effects. Some businesses...
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