Importance of Information System

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In the world of globalization, Information system is such where data are collected, classified and put into processes, interpreting the result thereon in order to provide an integrated series of information for further conveying and analyzing for optimal decision taking. It can also be referred to as a combination of technical components built and used by people to collect, create and distribute useful data or information, typically in an organizational setting but are in recent times becoming useful for personal decisions. (, by Jide & Information Systems Today, Prentice Hall). The components of every information system include hardware, software, people, data, processes & procedures. These building blocks of information systems determine the importance and the basis of functionality of every information system.


There three main benefits that Information Systems and Technology bring to organizations in this modern era. They include automation, improves organizational learning (information) and achieving strategy (competitive strategy)..

Automation is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. In the scope of industrialization, automation is a step beyond mechanization. Whereas mechanization provided human operators with machinery to assist them with the muscular requirements of work, automation greatly decreases the need for human sensory and mental requirements as well. Automation plays an increasingly important role in the world economy and in daily experience. The introduction of automation by information systems provides support to complete task faster, more cheaply and perhaps with greater accuracy and consistency in organizations today. For example in most organizations today telephone operators have been replaced by automated...
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