Impacts of Historical Globalization.

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|Key Issue: To what extent should we embrace globalization? | | | |Related Issue 2: To what extent should contemporary society respond to the                                          legacies of | |historical globalization? | | | |General Outcome: Students will assess impacts of historical globalization on indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. |

• Take every opportunity to talk to a teacher about your learning to ensure you have satisfied the objectives • Do the assignments in as much detail as you find necessary to learn the material. Keep your notes for study purposes. II.OUTCOMES

| To examine imperialist policies and practices that affected indigenous peoples. | | | |To analyze contemporary global issues in view of policies and practices of post- colonial governments in Canada, Mexico and the | |Democratic Republic of | |the Congo. | |  To recognize and appreciate the validity of oral histories. | |  To examine multiple perspectives on the political, economic and social impacts   | |of historical globalization and imperialism |

You will complete 5 learning activities using the sources provided and your textbook, Perspectives on Globalization.

Upon completion of this learning guide you will create a 5-10 minute presentation about Treaty 8 using Sign up in the Resource Centre for presentation times.

Activity 1—Residential Schools
Imagine if you were taken away from your parents at a very young age and sent to a school whose policy was to educate you but also to undo everything you learned from your parents and your culture. What would it be like to have this happen? What would you feel about this? What might be the results of this policy? Think about these questions as you complete the activities below.

1. Read the quotation by Duncan Campbell Scott, Deputy Superintendent of Indian Affairs from 1913-1932 on page181 of your text Perspectives on Globalization. What was his point of view about “Indians”? (Use a people’s own name for themselves if you know it or the term First Nations is preferable when referring to all First Nations people in Canada?) Why do you think he had this viewpoint?

2. What were Residential Schools? When and why were they created? 3. Review the various quotations regarding perspectives on Residential Schools on pages 184, 185 and 186 of your text, Perspectives on Globalization. In what ways are the perspectives similar and in what ways do they differ? 4. Read the poem below “I Lost My Talk” by Rita Joe

a. What do you...
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