Case Study on Asos

Topics: Brand, Marketing, Branding Pages: 11 (3973 words) Published: May 1, 2013
University of the Arts, London

Tara Premnath

A Case Study On The Globalisation And Strategic Reign Of ASOS
Subject: Retail Branding and identity


This report analysis the strategic branding policies of the online retailer ASOS and comprehends its position in the global market. It evaluates the standardisation and adaptation techniques ASOS employed to become the no.1 online retailer in the world. The company vigilantly practices standardisation and adaptation in its brand architecture and distribution channels. Its branding policies have made way for its accomplishing market dominance. ASOS approaches the market with a faultless differentiation technique through its unique services and product categorisation. It gives its customers an inimitable shopping experience with its ingenious website design. Analysing the 4 p’s marketing mix and critically absorbing the SWOT analysis, the brand can ascertain its current market position and prospects for future expansion in the global scenario. Enhancing its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities and bringing it out into the retail front, ASOS can capture the attention of ethical consumer groups and thus work on the company’s benevolence and future expansion. Employing a canny approach and by detecting possible threats and risks, ASOS performs brand extension strides to cement its place in the industry.

Table of Contents



Globalization by Theodore Levitt5

About ASOS6

Standardization and Adaptation6

The Four P’s of ASOS8

Differentiation and competitive advantage9

'The Five Forces' Model of Michael Porter11

Experiential branding11

SWOT Analysis12

Conclusion and Recommendations13



ASOS is an online retailer who has taken over the virtual shopping sector in the current market. They have proved their methods of marketing and branding with their reign in this sector and through high sales and market growth. The application of globalisation along with standardisation and adaptation techniques to analyse and take over a particular market is part of the success story of ASOS, the most visited online store globally (daily 2012). From Levitt to Gates, globalisation has been defined in many terms and has been given many theories but what companies like ASOS and NEXT have made pragmatic and seen victory is the real, definite and concrete form that is more accurate. This report looks into the thought-provoking schemes of branding and retailing and how ASOS has altered the rulebooks of retailing to take-over the market. Methodology

Primary data for this report was collected from the original website of ASOS. Their strategies and accomplishments were supported by other accredited sources like emerald insight and the times along with the guardian and daily.

The report states the significance of globalisation and how it has affected the online fashion retailer ASOS. The analysis of branding and its policies in the global retail environment is a key part of this report. The impact of globalisation and localisation and the various strategies organisations had to adapt has affected the overall branding, marketing and retailing techniques in this era. Michael Porter’s differentiation and competitive advantage theories are used to understand ASOS and its success over similar retailers in the industry. This report will cover the various features of a successful marketing session like marketing mix, segmentations, SWOT analysis, brand architecture, policies, values and portfolio. It will point out the various roles of ASOS in the current market and how it has seen success. Recommendations on how the brand can expand its success through brand extension method have also been given supported by diversification theories of Ansoff matrix. Globalization by Theodore Levitt

Theodore Levitt, a former professor at...
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