Aloe Vera and Vaseline

Topics: Marketing, Aloe vera, Petroleum jelly Pages: 6 (1905 words) Published: November 10, 2012
Vaseline is mainly a petroleum product that was discovered by a twenty-two-year old inventor known as Robert Augustus Chesebrough. Vaseline is however, one of the products produced by Robert Augustus. Some of the products include skin lotions, soaps, creams, lubricants and cleansers. This product is generic in the Spanish and Portuguese countries where these products are known, as Vasenol. Robert Augustus was one of the founders of petroleum jelly mainly located at Brooklyn in New York. Robert used his scientific knowledge and skills to make a useful product from what most oil workers considered worthless. Based on the oil worker’s belief that the residue was capable of healing cuts, bruises, wounds and burns, he took a sample of it to his laboratory. There, he was able to produce a white petroleum jelly, which is known as Vaseline today after carrying out some practical tests with his workers. Learning that the product could be useful to other people, he found himself some of the necessary tools and equipment that he needed to progress with his production. Marketing was been carried out by some of the salespersons he had hired to distribute the orders all over New York and England. (Sherman J, p20) Most of the Americans bought it at a very high rate because most of the households had accepted the product since it had no side effects. According to the medical practitioners, Vaseline prevented the skin from being rough, minimizes the probability nasal congestion from taking place and the cracking of the lips. Petroleum is also used in manufacturing other products such as production of detergents, coatings that are used in the storage of fruits, sprays for killing weeds and pests, making of paint, coolants for refrigerators and plastics for making carpets telephones and shoes. (Sherman J, p21) A. Current Market Situation

Vaseline is the product that has proven to be the most effective product according to most of the users. This is because most of these products are easily affordable, accessible to most of the people and they are friendly to the skin. Aloe Vera for instance, is one of the most preferred products in most countries. Clinton Howard, a Dallas-based distributor of Aloe Vera care products and pharmaceuticals claims that this product has medical advantages. Most of the patients suffering from arthritis claim that the Aloe Vera juice they drink enables them to experience less pains, swellings reduced and they are able to carry out their activities easily because they are able to move from one place to another. Some of the casualties suffering from gastrointestinal problems benefit from the juice. Those who suffer severe headaches, itches resulting from insect bites and dry skin and hair have positive results from applying the Aloe Vera gel. (Gage D, p8) This not only becomes a benefit to the society but also becomes an advantage to the manufactures themselves. They are able to earn high profits, which in turn motivates them to hire more labor the machinery required. This has led to the hiring of more scientists and pharmacologist who with the acquired skills and knowledge are able to produce good quality products that are society friendly. Moreover, most farmers are preferring aloes because they are pest resistant. This is because the acid lemon sap is able to keep off animals, birds and insects. Most of the farmers use geese as a means of keeping off the insects instead of using herbicides and pesticides. The major reason is to prevent pollution especially where there are sources of water like rivers and lakes. (Gage D, p33) A 1: Market Description

The Vaseline’s product market generally consists of both young and old users. The Vaseline product is mainly available in different products depending on the form that the consumers wish to use them. It also depends on the tastes and preferences of the customers in different parts of the world. The Vaseline product is used on certain special occasions like in the...
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