Brand Audit of John Lewis

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Brand Audit of John Lewis
Brand Audit of John Lewis


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1. The purpose of this report 3 1.2. What is a brand?

2. The John Lewis Brand 4 2.1. How does John Lewis stand out?
2.2. The brand elements of John Lewis 5 2.3. The brand values of John Lewis 6

3. The perceived brand image of John Lewis 7

4. Recommendations for the future 8 competiveness of John Lewis

Appendices 9 Appendix A – Characteristics of Strong Brands
Appendix B – Properties of Service Quality

References 10

Picture bibliography 11

Brand Audit of John Lewis

1. The purpose of this report
This report will look at the current market position of the John Lewis brand and the key points of their branding. The reason for auditing the brand of John Lewis is because they are a well-established company and have built up a strong image over many years. John Lewis has a clearly defined image and a clearly defined target audience, which can be associated through their brand values, their service and their products. Based on primary research, this report will also give a critical assessment of the current market position of John Lewis. The primary research that has been gathered is based on the brand image of John Lewis.

Finally this report will suggest a set of recommendations for the future competitiveness of the John Lewis brand.

1.2. What is a brand?
Branding is how a company distinguishes its goods from those of another. It does this through the brand elements such as the name, symbol or design (Keller, 1998). For example if you hear the name Ben & Jerry’s you think of ice cream and if you see the swoosh symbol you know its Nike. Ehret (2009) says that a brand is the emotional or psychological relationship that a company has with its audience. This means that the brand image is made up from the thoughts and feelings that people have of a company. This view is supported by Keller et al. (2012) who said that a brand is ‘the idea or image of a specific product or service that consumers connect with, by identifying the name, logo, slogan, or design of the company who owns the idea or image’. To be successful, a company will use branding to build brand recognition and a good reputation. When a company’s recognition is set apart from its competitors, it adds value to the brand which creates brand equity (Keller, 1998). Brand equity is built by consumers not companies and it is built from consumers knowledge, perceptions and experiences with the brand (Gunelius, n.d.). An example of brand equity is shown through the fashion brand Chanel. As the company has created a valuable image, their premium prices are accepted and even expected.


The John Lewis Brand
John Lewis is a British department store that stocks homeware, fashion products, beauty products and electricals, from branded products to own-brand merchandise. It has 29 full line shops, six atHome shops that focus on homeware and electricals and it has a leading retail website (Superbrands, 2012). John Lewis also operates the supermarket chain Waitrose. John Lewis is the leading midmarket department store, with competitors including Marks and Spencer, House of Fraser and Debenhams (Mintel, 2011). They were also the market leader in UK homeware retailing, but just missed the top spot in 2012 after Dunelm Mill (Holland, 2012). John Lewis is a multi-award-winning brand, with titles including...
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