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TMA 4 John Lewis Partnership

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John Lewis Partnership

I have a great interest in the UK retail business sector. In this account I am going to write about John Louise Partnership (JLP), which is a market leader organization in the UK retail industry that has some unique advantages that would make JLP perhaps a good organization to work for.

Short background information about the company:

The business was founded in 1864 when John Lewis set up a draper's shop in Oxford Street, London, which later developed into a department store. The JLP is an employee-owned UK partnership, which operates department stores, Waitrose supermarkets and a number of other services. The company is owned by all its employees — known as Partners - who have a say in the running of the business and receive a share of annual profits, which is usually a significant addition to their salary. The six criteria used as a framework to analys the organization are motivation, Values & Ethics, Career progression, Flexible working, Job Security and Recognition.

Values Ethics organization culture, internal environment, Mission statement/Vision

JMP mission statement contains the following points

Our purpose is 'the happiness of all our members, through their worthwhile, satisfying employment in a successful business', with success measured on our ability to sustain and enhance our position both as an outstanding retailer and as a thriving example of employee ownership. (www.johnlewispartnership.co.uk)

Their strategy is based on three interdependent objectives Partners, customers, profit which together will make us a successful business:

Our structure gives our management the freedom to be entrepreneurial and competitive in the way they run the business for long-term success, while giving the company's owners, the Partners, the rights and responsibilities of ownership through active involvement in the business. (www.johnlewispartnership.co.uk)

In order to successfully achieve JLP must have an organic organizational culture with a flat organization structure. According to T Burns (1961) the criteria of organizational culture are rapidly changing environment, unstable conditions Common task, high commitment, network structured.

In the retail industry the rapidly changing environment and unstable condition can be quickly identified. The competition is very strong, products and services change frequently.

Partnership Council, to which the partners elect at least 80% of the 82 representatives, while the chairman appoints the remaining. The councils have the power to discuss ‘any matter whatsoever’, and are responsible for the non-commercial aspects of the business possibility to influence the business through branch forum. Communication is enabled across the divisions of the Partnership.


JHP organization has a democratic structure. I assume this organization structure...
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