Nivea vs Vaseline

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Nivea VS Vaseline


Due to Metro sexual trend, product for men is growth very fast in the last 2-3 years. Not too many companies invested in this market until the first quarter of 2007 Beiersdorf, leader of men’s lotion market see the opportunities to invest in this market segment and to promote themselves as a fresh lotion for men, called “Nivea for men”. It helps dry skin of men to become smoothly and healthy skin. After entry of Beiersdorf, Unilever followed into this market they try to beat Beiersdorf and Unilever is trying to replace the position in this market. This essay is divided to 5 parts 1. Summary of Nivea

2. Summary of Vaseline
3. The comparison between Nivea and Vaseline
4. The knowledge learned from presentation
5. Conclusion

Summary of Nivea

Nivea came into men’s lotion market as a first entry. They has market share 80% in facial moisturizer for men and 56% in men’s facial foam too so this is a strength of Nivea and they tends to have a good feedback if they expand the line to men’s body lotion. Another reason is from the research they found that nowadays more than 43% of men use body lotion. In 81% of 43% use it every day but almost 100% use women lotion because it does not has products for men.

Summary of Vaseline

Vaseline came into this market and expects to expand the target to men. Their opportunity is the product for men is growth 100% last years and their strength is brand because Vaseline is unisex and they are 1 of 3 brand that consumer thinks of when they want to use lotion. Vaseline targeting is men who are in middle age 25-35 that concern about their skin and the men who always use lotion. Vaseline promotes their product as quick absorbing to the body, not strictly and product designed for men skin. Moreover, they use 360 º communication supports.

The comparison between Nivea and Vaseline
You can see from the similarity between Nivea and Vaseline for men that made them to be direct competitor to each other. So to compete to be the leader in the market both of them have to differentiate themselves. As follow are the differences of them

|Nivea |Vaseline | |a leadership in facial product for men both moisturizer and |a leadership in body lotion market and it has 20-30% consumer who| |facial foam |are men | |Simple and effective design |1 of 3 brand that consumer think of when they want to use lotion |

|Nivea |Vaseline | |Focus mainly on women |Low advertising on television. | |Old fashion designed and logo | |

|Nivea |Vaseline | |the research they found that nowadays more than 43% of men use |the product for men is growth 100% | |body lotion | | |Reach out to other buyers |Vaseline brand is unisex |

|Nivea |Vaseline | |Competition from Unilever |Nivea has high market share on the for men product. | |Men may not pay more attention...
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