Historical Globalization

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Assignment II Essay
Historical Globalization

In the period of historical globalization, a lot of horrible events had happen and many people have suffered, also lost what they had such as land, culture, languages, family, freedom, and dignity. Like the Rwanda incidents, Apartheid Law in South Africa and the incidents in Residential Schools in Canada. Although those things had happened, they still survive and right now is rebuilding and moving forward to not let it happen again with the little help of NGOs. In my opinion, Contemporary society has done enough to respond to the legacies of historical globalization. Moving forward and start making a better future is the only answer for those horrible events from repeating itself. Therefore, I can prove to you that contemporary society has done enough with these topics. In the year 1994, a horrible event had occurred, and that event is the genocide in Rwanda. This happen because the Hutus race had a grudge on the Tutsis and because of that hatred, the genocide in Rwanda had occurred. After the incident, a national group of 25 000 Rwandan women who survived in the genocide called the AVEGA Agehozo. The AVEGA is trying to improve their living condition and also for the children. Right now the AVEGA are having projects like the psychological and medical care, justice and advocacy, also economics and social operations with the help of some NGOs. In justice and advocacy, Rwandans were finding justice for the victims of the genocide. By finding justice, Gacaca courts were set up in 2002 which helps speed up the process. In economics and social operations, Rwanda has managed rebuilding their economy through coffee exports. Coffee was the important export in Rwanda up until now. Also all members of the co-operatives are both Hutus and Tutsis .Because of that Rwanda can manage to restore their economy and both Hutus and Tutsis can manage to move forward. Apartheid in South Africa is one of the...