Impact of Information Technology to Society

Topics: E-mail, Internet, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: October 5, 2011
The impact of information Technology

The Computer and information technology has made a big impact in our lives and society in general.In the last 10years we have seen huge changes in the way people communicate using information technology , in term of electronic messaging eg emails ,texting , chatting .Information technology has brought the worlg together we can share information quickly, efficiently. The world has become one Global village.Ref: nowadays are able to chat with any one in the world through social net works e.g face book,tweeter, my space just to name a few.we can now meet new friends on through internet social net works . The advantages brought by IT are have made a big difference in the way we live our lives .We easily down load wat ever information we are researching on internet.It allows communication with anyone anywhere in the world as long as they have they have the accessories to do so.People are able to share instant message through electronic mail e.g e-mail, skype, chatting on msn etc.It is also affordable to use the electronic messaging on internet.Nowadays anyone can look up for work any way in the world using internet to search for jobs. The disadvatages of IT have a down side to our lives as well .Once you register your details on social net works you wont be able to delete your profile details.The privacy issue is a big concern as any one can just see youdetails e.g your age , address and where you live e-mail address etc.The danger is ones someone get hold of your details they can be easily used for anything eg criminal activities ,fraud etc.Spending too much time on internet can be antisocial people miss out on real life communication.It can also cause breadown in relationships. IT has had a big impact on organisations as well e.g Education , students and teachers use the the internet to research their assignments .Students are able to type and save their assisgnments on internet...
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