Impact of Information Technology on Society

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  • Published : November 26, 2010
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This essay seeks to evaluate application of IT in a chosen workplace and the impact it has had on individuals, society, and in organisations. It will also look at how IT application has impacted human life in terms of day to day activities in the last decade. I have chosen to look at IT applications in my household as I am currently unemployed.

My household has seen an increase in use of IT appliances as they have become more accessible and affordable and they form the context with which we define the family intertainment, education, and work function. Whilst television, radio and telephone were the only IT appliances in my house a decade ago, developments in IT have made it possible to have laptop, mobile phones, microwave and playstations which have improved on quality of life. The application of IT has made it possible to conduct monetary transactions like internet banking, bill payments and grocery shopping from the safety and comfort of my house which is convenient and has reduced time and effort required to carry out these chores.

The convenience of using the internet at home has afforded my family more free time but the downside is we tend to spend this free time on other IT appliances, typically,my kids would be watching TV or on playstation whilst we the parents browse on the internet whereas a decade ago, we would be engaging in family outdoor activities like football. Therefore it suffices to say that IT has transformed our lifestyle positively and has brought with it, convenience and efficiency in our household but has compromised our social and interaction skills as the need for physical interaction with the outside world has been reduced with availability of services online. We now apply IT in almost everything we do at home therefore it plays an integral part in our functionality as a family.

The frequency of interaction between humans and IT...
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