Gen 300 Effects of Technology Essay

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Effects of Technology Essay
Week 5

The technological change that has had the largest effect on the life in this country is the internet. The internet has afforded this country many opportunities these opportunities have been positive and negative.

The positive effects of this technological change are that it affords the individuals of this country the ability to save time and participate in things that would not necessarily be able to accomplish if you did not have the ability to access the internet. The internet saves us time by allowing us to buy gifts if you are in a hurry and do not have the ability to go into a store to purchase a gift. The internet allows you to pay your bills online, if forgotten allows you to get the payment in a little more quickly then by traditional postage. The internet even allows you to check your bank account balance online and transfer funds between accounts as needed. The internet allows you to save time, by purchasing gifts, paying bills or checking your account balances on line it allows you to save time in your life and reduce stress. In addition to the internet saving you time it also affords you the ability to participate in and accomplish things that you would not necessarily be able to, such as the ability to achieve your Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Phoenix online. I, as a retail store manager, do not have the time to attend a traditional four year University. The internet allows me to accomplish goals that I would not have been able to do without it.

The negative effects of this technological change are that it affords criminals in this country to steal individual’s identities, and it allows them to pay for things with credit or an identity that is not their own. It also allows predators to subject children to things that they should not be subjected to. Luckily there are precautions in place and for these negative effects they are punishable by law.

There have been many great technological...