Work/Life Balance & Technology

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  • Published : July 8, 2005
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. Do you think computers and technology have made your life/work easier? Examine the past 3-5 years and discuss the work-life balance and technology's effect on it.

Such that I am not one for a lot of socializing, technology has made both my life and work easier. I don't even have to deal with the pizza person anymore. I can just place my order, pay for it online, and sign the receipt when he gets there. There is no need for scrounging up cash or having idle conversation while I wait for change. Just give me my food and keep it moving. The same applies for paying bills, shopping, and conducting other business. There is the convenience of doing things when I want to and with the internet I am able to access a plethora of knowledge. I am definitely smarter in terms of my work because of the click-of-the button access. I can't imagine going to the library or calling up someone every time I didn't know something. Now I know even useless stuff and it isn't draining to come by.

As for balance, that has been thwarted in that technology makes me more accessible to other people. Not only can my co-workers and friends call me but now they can email, instant message, or text-message me without even thinking about it. When all we had was the telephone then people would be more respectful of one's time. It was considered rude to just stop by someone's house but just overloading me with useless and lengthy emails/text messages is deemed acceptable.
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