Technology Boom in the 1990

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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Technology Boom in the 1990’s
University of Phoenix

The historical event I chose to research was the technology boom of the 1990’s. As time goes on, the demand for technology keeps on growing. Around the 1990’s the advancement in technology took an all-time high. All the latest and greatest things were coming out and technology was in high demand. Everyone wanted the newest technology. The advancement of technology was great but at the same time it hurt people too. Technology has its perks like getting around quicker thanks to cars, being able to call people from wherever you are, and other things that were not relevant before. The technology is making some people’s lives a whole lot easier. It helps people by not having to do everything on their which was exciting to them. Take the washing machine and dryer for instance, people used to have to beat their clothes on a rock and now all they need to do is throw the clothes in a machine. Technology has changed our lives tremendously but there is a down side to have such incredible technology though. With the help of technology, the need of employees was not that necessary. The fact that technology can take the job of a human is detrimental to some people because they need to make a living in order to take care of their families. So the technology boom that happened in the 1990’s was a great thing and a not so great thing at the same time. Day by day technology grows more and more and humans are needed less and less.