Faith and Diplomacy

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Katherine Donado
Writing III
October 5, 2012

Technology is valuable because it is used in every day. As Mandana Mohsenzadega states in, “OMG: Tweeting, Trending, and Texting” people feel incomplete without technology (448). Technology was intended to bring people closer and increase communication. To be able to stay in contact more in a faster way when is impossible to see a family member. Maybe they might live in a different country and for many reasons not being able to travel. Technology is very important and useful, because it provides a lot of information, it makes businesses more efficient and it is a faster way to protect people in dangerous occasions. Technology is often used to find out information. It is a faster, quicker and easier way to get answers from Websites. Mohsenzadega refers to this (448), “….with just the click of a button on our handy-dandy little gadgets.” Everything is there, with no need to struggle or go out to get things done. Some people do not need the doctor for check-ups. They can get the information from which allows people to self-diagnose (448). Computers help us stay up to date with everything, whether it is the weather, or a family member that lives far. It is cheaper to communicate now over Facebook, Twitter, Facetime or Oovoo because it’s free, instead of buying a phone card every time they need to keep in contact with a relative. It has also brought people together from all over the world. They meet new people find out about them and most of the time fall in love and end up together. The internet is very useful and good. Some people feel better behind screens and are able to express themselves better and open up more to people, when they are not face to face. People get to know them better on the internet and get a lot of information from there. Just the simple fact of entertainment, of having memories with...
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