Impact of Electronic Information on Individuals & Society

Topics: Mobile phone, Technology, Want Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: April 17, 2013
In this report I will discuss the impact of electronic information on individuals and society. I am going to talk about how the ways people access information has changed and how new technologies have played a part in this. Firstly I will talk about how increased availability of electronic information has changed mine and my family’s daily lives. Then I'll consider how this has affected the older generation, in particular, the elderly. After that, I’ll explore some of the ways organisations these days communicate with individuals and society, and finally I'll talk about people who do not have access or don't want to have access to the internet and the possible consequences of this. Over the past few years the amount of information I receive from paper-based information sources has decreased dramatically while electronic information is becoming more and more significant to mine, and my family’s daily lives. On a daily basis I access many different types of electronic information such as text messages, internet and television. All these things have a huge impact on me and my family. For example, if I want to meet a friend, first of all I text them to find out if they’re at home and are not busy, while not so long ago when I didn't have a mobile phone I would go to their house and find out if they were at home, which isn’t very time efficient. Another example of how increased availability of electronic information has changed my life is the way I find the information I need. Not so long ago I was searching for information I need in paper-based sources such as books, newspapers and magazines. While now I mostly use the internet, and a search engine such as Google for searching for information. But the problem with search engines is that you have to be very accurate and know exactly what kind of information you want to find, otherwise you may not find what you need or not exactly the kind of information you need. I sometimes also watch the television; television...
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