Impact of Cell Phone Uasage on Students Acedemic Performance, Social Relationship Ans Safety

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Since the commercialization of cellular phones technology, the use of this communication device has rapidly increased. This technology was first introduced by Motorola in the early 1980’s (Harman, Brittney A., 2011). Today, the global cellular phone market now stands at approximately 1.8 billion subscribers, and is forecasted to reach 3 billion by the end of 2010 (Reid and Reid, 2007). The adoption of mobile phones by young generation has been a global phenomenon in recent years. This cell phone was originally created for adults for business use (Aoki & Downes, 2003). It has become an integral part of adolescent’s daily life and one of the most popular form of electronic communication. In today’s world almost every student is having cell phone in their pocket, clipped to a belt, or hidden in a brief case or purse and knows perfect usage of it. As technology is growing every day at very fast rate, and is bringing positive and negative effects on this world and so is with cell phone technology that has brought both positive and negative effects. It is commonly observed that these cell phones have also become status symbol for youth and they have indulged themselves in the competition of having best and most updated cell phone with maximum features. Today’s youth prefer cell phones more as compared to internet or any other social activity. Not only young people own cell phone, they have “symbolic and affective” investment in them (Lobet-maris, 2003) and they also want to upgrade it as soon as new model is launched in the market. Cell phones are that much involved in our life that the person who own cell phone is tend to be thought socially connected, independent, modern and in demand by the society. One of the most used applications of cell phones by our young generation is text messaging and these cellular network companies have also played a vital role in negatively effecting our young generation by introducing a number of packages for text messaging and calls also. Students of today are master in fastest text messaging and are seen text messaging while at home, at university, traveling ,in classroom and specially while studying.

Communication with fellow students, professors, parents, and everyone else is just a click away. In New Zealand study 56% of high school students reported that the most important reason for using a cell phone was to talk and text with friends and family (Netsafe, 2005). Texting is a very useful way of undertaking one’s social obligation to stay in touch without spending time and energy on the encounter (Fox, 2003). Safety issue is also there with cell phones. Through common observation parents feel satisfied when their child is having a cell phone with him/her while going outside as they can contact him any time and also a source of satisfaction for student as they can contact their family at the time of emergency when outside.

This research paper explores how cell phone is impacting our youth? How it is impacting their academic performance? How it is affecting their grades? What impact does it have on maintaining social relationship? How safe a student is with cell phone when going outside?

Literature Review:-

Independent variable (mobile phone) is defined as,

“Mobile phone is a telephone that does not have wires and works by radio that can be carried with to use everywhere.”(Oxford Advance Learner’s Dictionary, 2004)

Mobile phones and academic performance:-

The invention of the fixed telephone in the late 19th century in the United States changed the way that people interacted and communicated. This has been paralleled in the early 21st century by the advent of the mobile phone (Marilyn, 2005). This is extremely similar to the fixed telephone in the early 20th century, where telephone engineers explained that the telephone was made for the business...
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