Cell Phones Are Bad

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, Push-button telephone Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: May 8, 2013
A Prolific Problem
In 1983, Martin Cooper introduced the world to a phone that could be taken virtually anywhere. He called it the cell phone. The cell phone today doesn’t share anything more than its name with the original Cooper model from 1983. However, the cell phone remains just as much of a groundbreaking device that divides people in very powerful ways. There are some who strongly back the product and those who stand strongly against it with very valid reasons. At times, the cell phone serves as a powerful communication device for humans and as a tool to succeed. More often, it becomes a distraction to its owners that can take lives both physically and socially.

Nearly thirty years after its birth, the modern day cell phone can be a tool to all who use it. Some say cell phone’s can be an extremely handy communication apparatus. For example, if someone is driving down the highway and experiences a tire blowout, they can phone for help using a cell phone. However, that unlucky motorist can also take advantage of the call boxes funded by tax dollars that are located at regular intervals along highways. Another argument of the cell phone’s importance to modern day society is its ability to save lives physically. It was a beautiful autumn day at Santa Barbara City College when a skateboarder lost control riding down a hill and slammed into the pavement. Those first on the scene immediately pulled out their cell phones to call for help. Emergency responders quickly arrived to find a college student bleeding profusely from the head and were able to save his life. In this case, anyone without a cell phone can go to a nearby landline and phone for help. A problem with cell phones is that emergency responders cannot always get the exact location of the emergency, as they otherwise would receive from a landline. Whether it is a flat tire, an injured skateboarder or any other emergency the cell phone is only one of countless ways to call for help....
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