Imagine That You Are Appointed as the Manager of a Reputed Company. How Will You Plan the Various Activities in Your Organization

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Imagine that you are appointed as the manager of a reputed company. How will you plan the various activities in your organization?

# 1
Planning is a process which involves the determination of
future course of action, that is why an action, what an
action, how to take action and when to take action. Terry
has defined planning in terms of future course of action.
He says that:

"Planning is the selection and relating of facts and making and using of assumptions regarding the future in the
visualization and formalization of proposed activities
believed necessary to achieve desired result"

Being a Manager of reputed company. I will take following
steps to plan various activites:

It is not possible to prescribe a certain fixed process of
planning for all organizations or for all types of plans.
The major steps in planning are the following:

1. Perception of Opportunities. It is related with the
awareness of the opportunities for deciding whether a
programme should at all be carried on. Any organisational
activity requires the help of environment that is social
2. Establishing Objectives in fact, the first step in
planning process is the determination of organisation
objectives. These objectives set the pattern of the
proposed course of action and the purpose of the future
action is to arrive at these objectives.
3. Establishing Planning Premises. Premises are the various factors that affect planning. There are several factors
which affect the organisational functioning. These are
political factors, ethical standards, government controls,
fiscal policy, price, demand and availability of various
factors of production. The information is collected in
respect of these. Their analysis leads to make certain
forecasts and the liminations are determined within which
proposed course of action is to be undertaken.
1. Determining Alternative Course of...
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