Hca210 Week 5 Appendix C Administrative Matrix

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  • Published : July 5, 2012
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Appendix C: Administrative Matrix


Complete the Administrative Matrix located below. You are expected to identify and explain the functions and roles of management. This information is based on the four functions of management. By providing an example, you demonstrate an understanding of each management function.

Role of Management
LeadingThis includes interpersonal roles, subordinates within the organization, and persons external to the organization. Three interpersonal roles include figurehead, leader, and liaisonA manager has the responsibility to lead by example within the organization. It is important to model the behavior subordinates are expected to fulfill Planning The first component of managing is planning. A manager must determine what the organizations goals are and how to achieve those goals. Much of this information will come directly from the vision and mission statement for the company. For example, a manager of a new local restaurant will need to have a marketing plan, a hiring plan and a sales plan. Organizing Managers are responsible for organization of the company and this includes organizing people and resources. Knowing how many employees are needed for particular shifts can be critical to the success of a company. If those employees do not have the necessary resources to complete their jobs, organization has not occurred. Without an organized workplace, employees will see a manager as unprepared and may lose respect for that particular manager’s supervisory techniques. Controlling The controlling function involves monitoring the firm’s performance to make sure that goals are being, met. Managers need to pay attention to costs versus performance of the organization. For example, if the company has goal of increasing sales by 5% over the next two months. The manager may check the progress towards the goal at the end of the month one. An effective manager...
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