Ib Business Management 2013 Ia Guildline Booklet

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IB Business & Management 2013 Internal Assessment Standard Level Guidelines booklet

Mark Lewis Jan 2013
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IB Business & Management Internal Assessment Guidelines Standard Level – 2013 Index Page • Templates • IB Commentary on report structure • IB SL IA criteria and mark bands from syllabus • IB general commentary on SL IA from syllabus • Sample IA’s with marks (IB sourced) • General guide comments (IB Sourced) • Recent IA questions at Carey • General guide comments (IB Sourced) • Subject reports summary 3 11 13 20 23 73 74 75 77

Business & Management
Internal Assessment – Standard Level
Issue Choose an issue or problem for investigation Determine title in the form of a question Teacher to approve question before significant work commences by student Prepare research proposal and action plan (details of these documents page 49 of guide) Note – this is required in the HL assessment only but is a useful approach to give structure to the SL project

Checklist of issues (adapted from p48 IB 2009 Guide)
Date Completed

Determine academic system of referencing and commence maintaining bibliography Evaluate secondary and primary data to be used for investigation Determine personal timetable to completion (within Carey requirements) Essay plan with headings (considered in context of the assessment criteria) Prepare research Throughout process student can discuss with supervising teacher Submit first draft for review/ feedback / discussion Evaluate against criteria A – F (this is not intended to generate a mark but rather provide guidance on potential improvements or deficiencies against the criteria) Submit final document for assessment 28 July Page 3 of 77

Log of discussions between EE Supervisor and student Student Name _________________________ Student Name Reviewed Comments

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Summary of criteria to evaluate draft Internal Assessment – Standard Level This table is a summary of the IB Internal Assessment Extended Essay Assessment Criteria and the Business and Management subject specific sections of the IB Extended Essay Guide document. This document is a summary of key points and should not be used as a substitute for referring to the IB Extended Essay Guide document. Mark allocation – 25% of total Key issues: • • • • • • • Application of business and management tools , techniques and theories to a real business issue or problem Issue or problem must be real Commentary with a title presented as a question Can be a single organisation but can consider industry wide issues Can use primary and/or secondary data Must relate to the SL syllabus and refer directly to a single business organisation Must include 3 -5 supporting documents from which the majority of the information in the commentary is obtained (list of suggested supporting documents on page 53) Less than 1,500 words (include word count in report)

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Criteria/ Title (Marks)
A (4) B (5) Supporting documents Choice and application of business tools, techniques and theory Use, analysis and synthesis of data

Key Issues
Supporting documents are relevant, sufficient in depth and provide a range of ideas Broad and appropriate selection of business tools, techniques and theory Skilfully applied Appropriate selection of data from supporting documents with appropriate and detailed analysis Coherent integration of ideas


C (6)

D (3) E (3)

Conclusions Evaluation and critical thinking

Conclusions consistent with evidence presented and answer the question under investigation Evidence of evaluation and judgements is substantial Critical thinking occurs in the commentary and is reflected in the conclusion Commentary is well organised and structured Appropriate use of terminology Sources referenced and appropriate bibliography maintained

F (3)


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Report Format
The standard level written commentary does not specify a particular structure...
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