Unit 3 P2 P2: Describe the Limitations and Constraints of Marketing

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Business Pages: 4 (710 words) Published: October 7, 2012

COURSE: BTEC National Diploma Business
And Management – Year 1 2012
ASSIGNMENT: Task 1. Unit3. P2
DATE HANDED IN: 2nd October 2012

It is a requirement of the law that all businesses and organisations abide by given limitations and constraints. This report describes two selected limitations; Sales of Goods Act 1979, The Data Protection Act 1998 and two constraints; Pressure Groups and The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Task Question:

P2: Describe the limitations and constraints of marketing

These refer to the limitations and restrictions that may prevent a business or organisation from certain actions. (Mrs Atkins) 1. Sales of Goods Act 1979

This Act refers to the goods and products given or sold by business. The Act requires that all goods must be: * As advertised or described
This is any written, verbal or graphical description of a product. * Satisfactory Quality
This refers to the condition of the products including how long the product lasts. * Fit for purpose
The product must be able to be used for its purpose. If it is not a customer is entitled for a full refund or exchange. For example, if a business catalogue graphically exaggerates a handbag as appearing as large and in reality the handbag is small, the business has violated The Act and will be penalised.

2. Data Protection Act 1998

The Act protects customers from unfair use of their personal information (Bevan et al).The Act is focused on all businesses holding any customer information on a database. Through limitation customers are free from their information being destructed, alliterated and misused. It entails that all data must be:

* Accurate and up to date
* Must be fair fully and lawfully processed
* In line with an aim or adequate
* Should not be kept for long unnecessarily
* Securely...
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