Human Resource Management - Business Research Paper

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Human Resource Management - Business Research Paper
In 1999, John B. Smith had become Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SMC. It was under his leadership that the company engaged in its negotiations to restructure and strive for a stronger balance sheet with a new focus on growth. In 2000, SMC had two primary operating companies Broyhill and Lane in furniture manufacturing. In late 2001 SMC acquired Thomasville Furniture Industries, Inc. Foreseeing the future as SMC is manufacturing globally, they believed for future opportunities and growth they would need to change their name. In March 2004, in recognition of its new focus, and its new status as a leader in the furniture industry, the company changed its name to SMC International, Inc. The company’s next major acquisition over the next two years will be the purchase of Andari Furniture Industries as of October of 2005, JD Heritage Furniture Industries, and Ashby’s Furniture Industries by the last business day of 2006. These companies provided the company with a dominant presence in the high end of the furniture marketplace, and broadened the company’s offerings to include furniture at all price points. SMC International, Inc. is now established as the one of the largest residential furniture manufacturer in the country with six of the industry’s most recognizable brand names, positive recommendations from leading industry analysts, and bright prospects for continued future growth. As the company pursues opportunities in offshore sourcing and strengthens its dedicated distribution — particularly single-branded stores — SMC International, Inc. is transforming itself from a mere furniture manufacturer to a branded consumer products company, with a heightened focus on its brand names and on its direct relationships with the furniture consumer. The company’s stated mission is to become the industry’s undisputed leader by offering exceptional product and at the same time to deliver outstanding shareholder value. With an unwavering focus on driving brand awareness and growing the business through an aggressive expansion of our dedicated distribution network of stores and galleries the company is demonstrating it has the vision and management talent to set itself apart as the undisputed industry leader. With an equally unwavering focus on financial performance the company has positioned itself well for sustainable earnings growth in the years to come. SMC International Inc. is dedicated to “World Class” positioning in our domestic and international markets by continually providing end users with products that enhance their comfort, safety and productivity in an evolving workplace. Along with the growth of SMC International, Inc. came reorganizing of SMC International Inc. John B. Smith announced that he would be leaving the company by the end of 2005 due to illness. Smith would consult until new leadership would be in place. With this announcement SMC International Inc.’s board felt that they needed strong leadership especially if one were to leave of any reason. Effective as of June, 2006, SMV International, Inc. under the leadership of its new Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, William K. Kuipper, and President and Chief Operating Officer, Margaret M. Jones. Other key leadership positions would start to be in place by August 2005 through transitions. Effective immediately, Renee A. Mack, PHD will move to the role of Senior Vice President of Human Resource Management. Mack will be a key player in the acquisitions along with recruiting and/or retaining executive and senior leadership positions. With SMC International Inc. now a global company, Mack brings the experience and knowledge of international business, and the understanding of other countries culture. She has lived in various countries that we now manufacturing furniture in, and has build strong relationships with other executives and government personnel for possible recruiting purposes. Dr. Mack...
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